Our Story

“Devoting more than 17 years of my life to the education industry has been a transformative experience. However, it became apparent that, despite significant progress, millions of children still lack access to education. Witnessing this disheartening reality ignited a strong desire for change, which led to the birth of Gyaan Vriksh.

This initiative was born with a vision to provide a holistic development. By addressing the multifaceted needs of these underpriviledged children, we aim to empower them for a brighter future.
Our journey has had several milestones. We’ve held over 15 skill-based workshops through Gyaan Vriksh -Education For All to educate underprivileged. We are happy to say that our efforts have helped over 1700+ children.”

Founder and CEO Gaurav Batra - Infinite Group


About the logo

Logo infinite group
1. Gyaan Vriksh – The words mean the TREE (Vriksh) OF KNOWLEDGE (Gyaan), the terminology is borrowed from the Devanagari (hindi) script and the Sanskrit script. As the tree grows and strengthens over time, the same ideology applies to the underprivileged children, who want all that life has to offer in the best way possible.

2. Education For All – Is an initiative where we believe education should be a fundamental right that should be accessible to each and every child, regardless of their background.

3. The leaves of the tree – the top part of the logo, represents the underprivileged children whose lives were impacted positively by Gyaan Vriksh. Our workshops cover all the topics related to the holistic education and development of children. This is a crucial stage as it builds a strong foundation for them for the years to come.

4. The centerpiece, open arms – It represents our vision of ‘Education For All’ where each child is happily welcomed to receive equal educational opportunities, irrespective of their background without any form of discrimination. The open arms display affection for those children who come from broken homes.

5. The color – Dark Navy Blue represents the full development of a child compared to the lighter shades of blue in the leaves that represent room for growth and holistic development.